Minutes May 5th, 2024

Minutes of meeting

May 5, 2024

Our next meeting is on June 9th at Ruth’s.



Attendees: Ashley, Jason, Lance, Allan, Chris, Kelly, Russsel, Michelle, Joe, and Pat

Michelle paid for 2 years.

Budget: $830.30 with at least $50 to deposit

Minutes: They were read, a motion was made to accept, was 2nded and approved.

We went over the handouts that were stapled so everyone would know what to expect on Field Day next month.

Alan will be our Safety Officer

After Field Day, all that participated will give Joe their contacts they made and Joe will collate the information and send the results to ARRL. Joe bought a computer program to use to fill in the information before sending it to ARRL. A motion was made to reimburse Joe for the cost of the program, it was 2nded and voted on to reimburse him.

Jason will invite his GMRS group to Field Day.  He also has extra batteries that you can be use.

We will have a table set up with information on it for the people who drop by.

We will send the information to radio stations, newspapers, and Facebook. Joe has posted it on the ARRL website that we will be participating in it and the address. You may invite friends to come too.

For food on Saturday night, it will be a potluck. Chris and Kelley will have Jason cook a Boston Butt in his new smoker. If you know what you will bring, you can reply to all.

Patricia Reid, Club Secretary

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